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28th August – 1st September

Piksel is hosting OpenSound in Bergen at KOSMO

You are invited to join us for a week of workshops, concerts, discussions and presentations.

We will focus on projects based on Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and/or DIY or Open Hardware and/or Free Culture. The meeting will follow an informal unconference structure, leaving room in the schedule for creative collaborations/social interaction and ad hoc performances/improv.

More info about OpenSound:


Tuesday August 28th
10-13 open worklab
14-18 workshops/meetings (TBA)
21-24 concerts (TBA)
21:00 Gisle Frøysland - HeadCleaner
22:00 J. Milo Taylor - PhonoPhoto Synthesis
23:00 Hardcore Improv (Milo/Gisle)
Wednesday August 29th
10-13 open worklab
14-18 workshops/meetings (TBA)
14-16 workshop: Tempest Technologies by Gisle Frøysland (Piksel)
16-18 workshop: Activating Public Space with sound
21-24 concerts (TBA)
21:00 Signe Lidèn + Carlos Santos
22:00 Loftet (Jørgen Treen & Frode Flatland)
23:00 Hardcore improv + Oildrum feedback (Hans Kristian Senneseth)
Thursday August 30th
10-13 open worklab
Activating Public Space with sound
14-18 workshops/meetings (TBA)
14-15 presentation: APODIO by APO33
15-18 workshop: APODIO by APO33
21-24 concerts (TBA)
22:00 JazKamer
23:00 Wajid + Colin + Milo
24:00 Dj Karsten
Friday August 31st
10-13 open worklab
Easy Listening vs. noise
Synestasia & sound studies
concluding meeting
14-18 workshops/meetings (TBA)
14-17 workshop: Guitarmodding/Feedbackloops by John Hegre (Piksel)
21-24 concerts (TBA)
21:00 Dragonito and Mergz (APO33)
22:00 OpenSound Bergen ad-hoc ensemble
24:00 Dj U-TeQ
Saturday September 1st
22:00 JazKamer / Bergen Impro Storband
24:00 Dj Thomas Urv


General Focus

  • Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and/or DIY or Open Hardware and/or Free Culture.

Possible Themes

  • Hardcore impprov
  • Gesture and biosensing
  • Easy listening vs. noise
  • Hardware: modular synths, arduino, electromagnetic sniffing, transducers, APCs, sound to light/light to sound



  • Farah Hatam (NK, Berlin)
  • Colin Hacklander (NK, Berlin)
  • J Milo Taylor (Modus Arts, London)
  • Wajid Yaseen (Modus Arts, London)
  • Romain Papion (APO33, Nantes)
  • Tristan Boureau (APO33, Nantes)
  • Carlos Santos(Granular, Lisbon)
  • Maria João Garcia (Granular, Lisbon)
  • Gisle Frøysland (Piksel, Bergen)
  • Anna Borcherding (Piksel, Bergen)
  • Signe Lidèn (Piksel, Bergen)
  • John Hegre (Piksel, Bergen)
  • Lasse Marhaug (Piksel, Bergen)
  • Jørgen Treen (Loftet, Bergen)
  • Frode Flatland (Loftet,Bergen)
  • Hans Kristian Senneseth (Piksel, Bergen)

-- Info for participants: InfoSheet