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Stormy Thursdays

Stormy Thursdays – Exploring the Convergence of Art and Free/Libre Technologies. Open workshops.

We are delighted to invite you to “Stormy Thursdays,” a series of interactive workshops where we delve into the intersection of art and free/libre technologies, fostering a serene space for exploration and creativity.

Discover the Art-Tech Connection: Immerse yourself in the serene blend of artistic expression and free/libre technologies, where innovation takes a tranquil form.

Participate, Craft, Share: These workshops prioritize hands-on engagement. Join us to participate actively, craft your projects, and share your creations with a community of like-minded individuals.

Free/Libre Technologies: Embrace the philosophy of open-source tools. Learn about free/libre technologies and contribute to a collaborative space of knowledge sharing.

Event Details:

Date: Every Thursday / January / February / March 2024 Time: 17-20 h Venue: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, Bergen

What to Anticipate:

Interactive Workshops Live Demonstrations Collaborative Project Showcases Casual Networking with Creative Minds

Who Should Attend:

Artists Tech Enthusiasts Creatives Those intrigued by the intersection of art and technology

RSVP: Send us an email to piksel24(at)piksel(dot)no
or just show up at the door...

Thursday 21.03.2024 - new version of IDLE, now with sound

Screenshot from 2024-03-21 19-13-06 1024.png


IDLE repositories:

Thursday 14.03.2024 - freehand 3D sculpting

Thursday 07.03.2024

Thursday 29.02.2024 - We look at Hydra using MIDI controller or keyboard

🌟 Friendly Reminder: Get ready for another exciting Stormy Thursdays this week!
🌪️ Join us as we look at Hydra, learning how to wield its powers with any MIDI controller or keyboard. 🎹🕹️ 

Plus, we will look at controlling a Praxis Live project using a MIDI keyboard.

As always, there'll be dedicated time to work independently on your own projects.

See you Thursday, 29/2 at Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, from 17:00-20:00.

Test patch for Hydra + midi:

await loadScript("")

// Use midi messages from all channels of all inputs.
await midi.start({ channel: , input:  })

// Show a small midi monitor (similar to hydra's

// Use any note to control the red amount of hydra's solid() function.
solid(note("").velocity(), 0, 1).out(o0)

shape( sides = 3, radius = note("").velocity(), smoothing = 0.01 ).out(o1)





Thursday 22.02.2024 - Wee Boats / Open Source tools for games creation

James will be giving a short demo of the game he's currently crafting; Wee Boats, starring Beffen. With lots of cool open-source tools to highlight


Wee Boats is a small game about exploring a world full of little surprises and secrets. We chatted about the tools that are used for making the game and the value of open source tools over propretiery options in the game making space.

Wee Boats Screenshot.png

Tools Used

Bevy Engine - Bevy is a Rust based game engine that is powering Wee Boats.

Raylib - We are using Raylib to create tools to make development of the game easier. I recommend it for creating all sorts of little utility programs specific to your needs.

Aseprite - Aseprite is a 2D sprite editor and is how we are creating the assets for the game.

Thursday 15.02.2024


Thursday 08.02.2024


Thursday 01.02.2024


Thursday 25.01.2024


Thursday 11.01.2024

Last Thursday marked the inaugural "Stormy Thursdays" gathering, where each participant unveiled a glimpse of their passions, setting the stage for exciting hands-on collaborations in the upcoming meetings. Here's a snapshot of the diverse ideas that sparked enthusiasm:

Prompting AI Exploration:
 Uncover the mysteries of AI together. Join the collective effort to master the art of prompting AI and unlock its creative potential.

IoT Adventures at Piksel:
 Dive into the world of IoT! Experience the thrill of setting up IoT devices using Piksel's dedicated network, fostering a hands-on journey through the Internet of Things.

Digital Weaving with Image AI:
 Merge art and technology by utilizing image AI generation. Explore the fascinating process of preparing images for digital weaving, creating a unique blend of traditional and digital craftsmanship.

Electronic Garden with Environmental Sensors:
 Test the waters (and soil!) of environmental sensors in our electronic garden. Unearth the possibilities of technology meeting nature as we experiment with sensors in an innovative, green space.

Dare to Propose, Join the Innovation:
 Feel the urge to contribute your own experiment or lend your skills to existing projects? "Stormy Thursdays" welcomes your ideas! Be part of the collaborative spirit as we embark on these groundbreaking endeavors.